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Kunselman for Council


Dear Ward 3 Voter,

Thank you for considering my candidacy for re-election to Council for the City of Ann Arbor, Ward 3.  I am honored that you are interested in my policy positions and record as an elected official.  As a 4-term City of Ann Arbor Councilmember, I have held the position with dignity, respect, and honor.  I have been a strong and effective voice for all Ann Arbor residents using “common-sense” and “fiscal responsibility” as the basis of governing.  I believe in fairness and equity in the distribution of the City’s limited financial and staff resources and have been a consistent advocate for investment in our infrastructure, funding of our parks system, and rebuilding of our public safety department.

As council member, I successfully led the effort to stop the dissolution of the of the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority (AATA); defeated the questionable transfer of restricted funds to the public art fund; and reformed the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) to require a budget with funds for affordable housing and term limits for members.  Due to my advocacy the Y-lot was sold, ending a 10 year speculative development venture; the Valiant proposal to put the full faith and credit of the City behind a questionable hotel/conference center venture was halted; and I was the first elected official to state “Save Argo Pond” and “Support the Skate Park” – today we have both!   
If re-elected to represent Ward 3 on Council, I will continue to work cooperatively and graciously with my Council colleagues with an emphasis on open and vigorous debate of all issues facing our great city.

I hope to have your support, please vote Kunselman for Council, August 4th.

-Stephen Kunselman


Stephen Kunselman and Daughters
Stephen Kunselman with daughters Sophia and Sabrina


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Stephen Kunselman

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